Semalt: The Difference Between Google URL Scraper And Magic URL Scraper!

A URL scraper is responsible for taking the content from the internet, finding the links or URLs, and scraping them with its cutting-edge interactive technology. Both Magic URL Scraper and Google URL Scraper are used to parse text and an array of objects. They work just like a search engine and find the URLs by searching relevant keywords. You just have to put a keyword and allow your URL scraper to grab the content you need. You can then download the content or URLs in the CSV or JSON files and use them offline. After searching a keyword, you don't need to search it again because Google URL Scraper and Magic URL Scraper will give you the desired results automatically.

1. Google URL Scraper:

Google URL Scraper is primarily used to scrape search engine results, RSS feeds, and YouTube links. You can search any type of keyword with this tool without compromising on quality and can improve the search engine rankings of your own blog or site. What most people want is the URLs related to their businesses or social media accounts, and Google URL Scraper provides that information to you instantly. Once the relevant URLs are scraped, you can easily download them to your hard drive, save in Google Drive or, or import to CSV and JSON. No doubt, this tool helps us take the Internet Marketing, PPV and CPV Campaign to the next level, thanks to its fast and efficient options for making it possible. Plus, Google URL Scraper allows you to speed up the SEO research and the market analysis by providing rapid and accurate results with just a few clicks.

2. Magic URL Scraper – An Outstanding Tool for Everyone:

Just like Google URL Scraper, this tool helps improve search engine rankings of your site. It comes with a 60-day trial, and you have nothing to lose for next two months. Don't let your competitors push you behind the competition and use Magic URL Scraper to obtain desired results instantly and accurately. If you are a PPV analyst or marketer, and SEO expert or a webmaster, you might be copying the URLs from search engines manually. That is a time-taking task, and you can speed up this process with Magic URL Scraper. This tool allows you to scrape the lists of URLs that are ranking well in the SERPѕ for specific kеуwоrds. You can easily export the list in a format that provides best possible results.


Both Google URL Scraper and Magic URL Scraper allow scraping local Bing, Yahoo and Google search results. They have their own distinctive features and help internet marketers and the PPV experts become more thorough in their research. Plus, these tools offer great user experience, quick access to information, come with a bookmark, and are suitable for content curators too. You can run any PPV campaign using these two powerful services and don't need to worry about the quality. Once fully implemented, both of these tools promise outstanding and reliable results and help you boost your search engine rankings.